About Us

Leigh Avenue is a design house for handcrafted bespoke jewellery. We source material, manufacture and find inspiration both locally and abroad. Leigh Avenue is uniquely positioned to consistently and continually develop, design and supply wonders of art.

Our Beginnings

Leanne Shakenovsky’s love for creating jewellery began in her early teen years – sitting on dusty floors, trawling through endless troughs of old findings.

Later, drawing on her inspiration from her travels to India, Zanzibar and South East Asia, as well as her local South African heritage, Leanne began selling her pieces to friends, family and boutique stores.

Leigh Avenue is named after Leanne herself and as chance would have it, the address of the magic making – her home and studio. Today each Leigh Avenue piece is still personally designed and curated by Leanne.



Maison Collection:

The Maison range embodies elegance and luxurious femininity, celebrating our strength and power as women. This range celebrates multi-colour agate, druzy stones, a diverse range of metals and dainty glass crystals and is handcrafted locally with great amounts of passion and patience.

maison collection hero

Global Treasures Collection:

Global Treasures draws on wisdom from the Far East through earthy tones with hints of turquoise and red, bold stones and naturally found elements. Global Treasures is a celebration of bold and cultured femininity – an ode to womanhood in all its manifestations.

global treasures hero